TINN Sample/Mystery Box

TINN Sample/Mystery Box

REGULAR PRICE $ 10.00 $ 0.00
Since our first run of products in 2011, we've come up with hundreds of different designs, and not all of them make it out of the sample phase. Although they are readily wearable and with tags, they just don't ever see the front of our webstore. Additionally, sometimes we have a few pieces left over from past seasons for different reasons such as stock kept for promotional purposes. If you want an easy introduction to some TINN clothing/accessories, we highly recommend the single box. You will get some very cool stuff in it, for the very low price of $10. We want more people to get their hands on our gear, and this is our way of doing just that! The double box has double the value, and you guessed it, the triple box has triple the value of items included! The Mega and Benji may have custom items and never before sold, one of kind, items from the archives. All we ask is to share your sizes in the order notes, otherwise we will just send you a random item(s)! Sizes included with the order notes should be t-shirt, waist and hat size. We are only going to run this promotional item until our stock runs out, so don't sleep!